What A Dad Gives His Family

A godly man is a rare jewel in society. There is no example that will influence or imprint a holy and proper lifestyle to a developing mind than that of a godly father. A godly father will demonstrate the importance of the fear of (respect for) the Lord. He will find JOY in the Word of God and allow IT to guide his everyday actions. A godly man realizes that blessings of life come only from God, and gives HIM honor for it. The godly man receives security from God. He can be confident because he knows Who is in a position to protect him, The godly man is the loving shepherd for his family, knowing that God’s strength protects him. The godly man knows that the resources in his financial account are a blessing from God, and he honors his Father in the ways that those resources are managed. Do you find yourself wanting in any of these important facets of fatherhood? You are far from alone … many of the principal characters in the Bible proved to be poor fathers; but God didn’t give up on them (and He won’t give up on you). Surrender your ENTIRE life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and He will give you a fresh start. He is the Master Builder, and He will rebuild your life — if, as His child, you will sincerely ask him to do it.

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