The Case For The Creation

Trials have a way of getting our attention. There have been a variety of “famous” trials that were notorious in the 20th century, and justice has often been perverted in the courtrooms of the world. Today, Pastor Joe reminds us that throughout the ages God has been accused of failure to love His people; and even today there are people saying that God’s Word is not trustworthy. By introducing today’s Bible passages (Psalm 19:1-6, Romans 1:8-11 and Isaiah 40:18-31), Pastor Joe brings focus on the wisdom, power, strength and majesty of God. The recorded message begins with the audio portion of a video depicting the intricacy of the universe. Scientists are unable to explain or replicate the Force that put the universe into motion, yet many of them haughtily exclaim that “there was power, but it wasn’t God” (because that would be unprofessional and unacceptable to their peers). Pastor Joe then focuses on the micro universe, focusing on the extreme improbability of a single cell coming into being (without a Creator). As you listen to this message you will be instructed in seven principles of God’s creation of the universe. It may seem strange that in the 21st Century there would be a Christian church discussing the subject of taking the God of the Universe to trial, but in reality people around the world are doing just that on a daily basis. Finite minds are feeling the tug of God’s love — and giving a judgment that God is not worthy of their time. Don’t be one of those people: rather, listen to the testimony of the martyrs and saints through the ages. Are you willing to bet your eternal soul that God does not exist? Surrender to the truth.

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