Leaving A Lasting Legacy

This weekend our nation is observing a holiday called MEMORIAL DAY. This is set aside as a special time to remember the men and women who have sacrificed their lives in order to protect our nation’s freedom or the freedom of other nations. We often consider these as heroic measures because those gave 100% of themselves for the sake of others. Pastor Joe’s message from Hebrews 11 describes the Heroes of the Faith. Each of those Heroes died without seeing the visible completion of what God had described to them. His message today focuses on building a lasting legacy of faithfulness that will be the topic of conversation and a guide of future generations. Great choices lead to great lives, which lead to great legacies. Poor choices have no continuing positive benefit and result in confusion and futility. What do you expect YOUR legacy to be? TODAY is a good day to hear this message and focus on God’s plan for your life. Leave a lasting legacy for others!

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