2017-05-08 Leadership Luncheon — Smile

Leadership is LEADERSHIP only when results are realized. Today’s leadership presentation begins with a report on recent examples of God’s overflowing blessings and the response among the leadership and members of Oak Street Church. New elders and deacons are beginning their service here; and significant monetary gifts are being distributed to missionaries/churches in the USA and around the world. God has provided an overflow of funds through the faithfulness of HIS people, and our church is acting as a conduit to enable ministry to people who would otherwise not have a messenger in front of them. Today’s topic, which is the final message for the spring of 2017, is an encouragement to share our joy with our faces. The responsibilities of good leaders tend to be many, so the issues can be draining. The payoffs can be substantial, though; but the joy sometimes isn’t effectively transmitted through our demeanor. Pastor Joe quotes many “rejoice” and “joy” verses, which are reminders that it isn’t un-Christian to show that we are a blessed and pleasant people. Let’s all go out and show the Joy of the Lord to our community. It will reinforce our witness and attract others to Jesus Christ.

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